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The most reliable and effective range of hygiene and Bathroom Cleaning Products, Bathroom Cleaners, for domestic, commercial & industrial use.

About Us

One of the most effective ways to be healthy and dodge illnesses is to maintain proper hygiene, which extends from personal to the daily utility items and the space surrounding us, as their surface houses countless germs that cause numerous health problems. With the goal of offering a better alternative to the masses, Ecochem Laboratories presents a widely acclaimed range of cleaning and hygiene products suited for domestic as well as industrial use.

Our company was established in the 2005, and in the subsequent years, we have strengthened our foothold on the market and gained the trust of a wide clientele and satisfied customers with our world class cleaning and hygiene products. Backed by a skilled workforce with a posse of qualified leaders guiding us towards newer heights of success, we have consolidated our presence in the market as a noted Exporter, Manufacturer and Supplier of products such as Bathroom Cleaners, Bathroom Cleaning Products, Multi Surface Hygiene, Manual Dishwashing Concentrate, Bathroom Hygiene products and Disinfectants to name a few.

Our Products

Ours is an assorted range of domestic, commercial and industrial cleansing and hygiene products that are highly effective at eradicating germs and making surfaces shine like new. Following is a list of broad categories to which our products belong:
  • Multi-surface Hygiene
  • Bathroom Hygiene
  • Kitchen Range
  • Special Products
Quality Assurance

Our products have consistently been ranked among the best options available in the market, and are famed for their unrivaled cleansing action that leaves no residues of surface pathogens and dirt, making the environ as pristine as possible. We utilize the best quality and purest chemicals and substrates for synthesizing our range of hygiene and cleaning solutions, Bathroom Cleaners, Bathroom Cleaning Products and are comprehensively tested for their efficacy and cleaning properties, prior to their mass productions, so that only the most reliable and effective solutions reach the consumers.

Why Choose Us?

Ecochem Laboratories has left a legacy and set high benchmarks of quality for our contemporaries to emulate, and have become the go-to choice of consumers for their domestic and industrial cleansing and hygiene requisites. Listed below are a few integral traits associated with our company's operations that make us worth your consideration:
  • Made from superior grade chemical substrates and solutions for better cleansing action
  • Quality tested and certified at in-house units as well as by third party authorities for added credibility to our claims of superior
  • A wide selection of surface specific solutions to choose from, narrowing the spectrum of targeted action
  • Thanks to our equipped manufacturing and logistics facility, we are able to process bulk orders with ease
  • We follow international standards of packaging, and use high quality materials to ensure safer containment and handling of the chemically active products
  • A wide supply chain network, which essentially means that our cleansing and hygiene solutions with relative ease
  • Competitively priced with a higher value for money┬Ł proposition, offering best of the both worlds in terms of performance and affordability